Season Five: Episode 1 – The Murder of Rachel Timmerman

Marvin Gabrion bound Rachel Timmerman and tossed her, alive, into a lake, days before he was to go on trial for her rape. He also killed her baby – who has never been found – and three other men, two of whom have also never been found. This season covers all of those cases.

The Color of Night – I recommend this book, written by Rachel’s father and uncle.



Kevin MacLeod, Incompetech – Almost in F

Kevin MacLeod, Incompetech – Immersed

Kevin MacLeod, Incompetech – Despair and Triumph

Kevin MacLeod, Incompetech – Classic Horror

Kevin MacLeod, Incompetech – Long Note One

Borrtex – See You Soon

Scott Holmes – Damned

Cullah – Comfort To You


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