Down and Away Episodes Season 2: Episode 9 -Epilogue

Season 2: Episode 9 -Epilogue

Season 2: Episode 9 -Epilogue post thumbnail image

This is a summation episode, and I go over what I think are two important elements of the case, as well as discuss my own theory about the man coming in and bothering Janette in the days leading up to her murder.

If you have any information about the murder of Janette Roberson, please contact Det. Sgt. John Forner with the Michigan State Police at 989-775-9302. Or email him at :


Blue Dot Sessions – Cobweb Transition – Free Music Archive

Joni Void – To Alter Realities – Free Music Archive

Ben McElroy – Pale Rider; Free Music Archive 

Ben McElroy – Raggedy Bob, Pt. 3; Free Music Archive

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