SEASON 2: The Murder of Janette Roberson – TEASER

In the second season of Down & Away, I will cover the murder of Janette Roberson, which occurred in the Gambles store basement pet department in Reed City, Michigan in 1983.

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Episode 6: Conclusion

In the final episode of Season One, you hear from the daughter of another of Robert Elton Waldron’s ex-wives, and I summarize my findings regarding the case.

SEASON TWO NOTE: I am busy working on Season Two, which will cover the murder of Janette Roberson at the Gambles Store in Reed City, Michigan in 1983.    –> Stay Tuned!

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Episode Five: Antimony & Barium

In this episode, we learn about the problems with the gun and fingerprint evidence, and Norma Waldron’s daughter is interviewed.
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Episode 4: “Bob, did you shoot your wife?”

Robert Elton Waldron was interviewed twice the day his wife was shot. This is the full, unedited long interview – over an hour – that he did with Michigan State Police, a few hours after the incident. He is questioned by the detective and the county prosecutor.

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Episode 3: “Bob, I don’t think you’ve heard the last of this.”

One of Robert Elton Waldron’s biological children who was put up for adoption is interviewed; more information about his abusive tendencies is learned from another of his ex-wives.

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Episode 2: “Why in the world did he put that gun back down by her hand?”

The neighbor that Robert Elton Waldron called on the morning of his wife’s shooting is interviewed by Detective Miller, at length.
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Episode 1 : “That woman is laying in there dying!”

Robert Elton Waldron was interviewed twice on the day his wife was shot. The first interview was brief, and took place less than two hours after the incident. That full interview is in this episode, along with backstory on how he and Norma met, as well as her relationship with Waldron’s mother, Alice.


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Season One Teaser

Suicide or homicide? The death of Norma Waldron on June 13, 1987 is explored in the first season of Down & Away.

Her husband says suicide. Michigan State Police believe otherwise.

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The Down & Away Podcast will have its inaugural season in early 2018. The first group of episodes will look at a cold case from Newaygo County, Michigan.

The victim’s name was Norma Waldron and she died on June 13, 1987 in her home in Fremont.

Her husband says it was suicide. Michigan State Police belive it was a homicide.

In future seasons, I will continue to concentrate on Michigan cold cases, specifically ones that haven’t gotten much attention.

If you have a Michigan cold case that you feel should be covered, you can contact me at