S6: Episode 1 – Who Killed Rick Atwood?

Rick Atwood was last seen in White Cloud, Michigan on August 10, 1983. His Trans-Am was found two months later in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Rick has never been found. Part 1 of 5

LAW ENFORCEMENT INFO:Anyone with more information is urged to contact D/Sgt. Ryan Maki at MakiR1@michigan.gov. You can also call the Michigan State Police at (231) 873-2171 or Silent Observer 231-652-1121.


6 String Opera – Project X

Search and Destroy – Audionautix

Night of Chaos – Incompetech

Last Night I Dreamt I Saw True Love In Your Eyes – Chris Zabriskie

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Season 5: Episode 5 – Epilogue

The final episode of Season 5. 


Cullah – Please Bring Me Shelter

Sara Afonso – Underwater

Scott Holmes – Uninvited

Cullah – The Fallen


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Season 5: Episode 4 – Marvin’s Social History

More about Marvin Gabrion, including a social and mental health history.


The Color of Night 



Scott Holmes – Blackjack

Scott Holmes – Remember the Archer

Kevin MacLeod – Serpentine Trek

Kevin MacLeod – Lost Frontier

Kevin MacLeod – Tenebrous Brothers Intermission

Cullah – No Home



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Season 5: Episode 3 – Chad

A friend of John Weeks describes what was going on in his life around the time he went missing.



Scott Holmes – Something in the Distance

Scott Holmes – Escape

Borrtex – Thank You For This World

How the Night Came – His Name is Nobody

Season 5: Episode 2 – The (Other) Body in The (Other) Lake

Someone who knew Marvin Gabrion talks about the body that he says he found in Twinwood (“Big Twin”) Lake. This would be the body of Wayne Davis.

The Color of Night – book about the  murder of Rachel Timmerman and her baby, written by her father and uncle.


Episode 2 MUSIC:

Borrtex – See You Soon

Borrtex – Blackout

Kevin MacLeod – Impact Lento

Kevin MacLeod – Virtutes Instrumental



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Season Five: Episode 1 – The Murder of Rachel Timmerman

Marvin Gabrion bound Rachel Timmerman and tossed her, alive, into a lake, days before he was to go on trial for her rape. He also killed her baby – who has never been found – and three other men, two of whom have also never been found. This season covers all of those cases.

The Color of Night – I recommend this book, written by Rachel’s father and uncle.



Kevin MacLeod, Incompetech – Almost in F

Kevin MacLeod, Incompetech – Immersed

Kevin MacLeod, Incompetech – Despair and Triumph

Kevin MacLeod, Incompetech – Classic Horror

Kevin MacLeod, Incompetech – Long Note One

Borrtex – See You Soon

Scott Holmes – Damned

Cullah – Comfort To You


Season 4 – Episode 4: The Murder of Arnold Holmes

In the last episode, I continue my conversation with Brett Holmes, Arnold’s cousin, who’s also the law enforcement officer I worked with on this case. We discuss Detective Pratt, as well as another case (that of Janette Roberson, my second season) and I give the final summation of what we learned about why this case is where it is, as well as the issues surrounding that gun.

(Episode 4 of 4)



Axletree – Song for a Sunlit Moth

Axletree – Nut Brown Bowl (After John Barleycorn)

Lobo Loco – Burning Sunshine

Axletree – Vervain

Axletree – Small Daffs

Black Twig Pickers – Lonesome Valley


You can see the full NBC News report on gun tracing that I excerpted from, HERE.



Season 4 – Episode 1: The Murder of Arnold Holmes

A simple owner/tenant dispute that ends in murder/suicide isn’t quite as simple as it seems.

(Episode 1 of 4)


 Blue Dot Sessions – Roundpine

Axletree – Vervain

Blue Dot Sessions – Cold Summers

Axletree – I Leaned My Back Against an Oak After the Water is Wide

Axletree – Fire Tree