SEASON 2: The Murder of Janette Roberson – TEASER

In the second season of Down & Away, I will cover the murder of Janette Roberson, which occurred in the Gambles store basement pet department in Reed City, Michigan in 1983.

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Ghostpocalypse 7 – Master

Episode 6: Conclusion

In the final episode of Season One, you hear from the daughter of another of Robert Elton Waldron’s ex-wives, and I summarize my findings regarding the case.

SEASON TWO NOTE: I am busy working on Season Two, which will cover the murder of Janette Roberson at the Gambles Store in Reed City, Michigan in 1983.    –> Stay Tuned!

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Episode Five: Antimony & Barium

In this episode, we learn about the problems with the gun and fingerprint evidence, and Norma Waldron’s daughter is interviewed.
TITLES: Spiders; Long Note Three